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Whether you have a car, truck or SUV you need Texas auto insurance or Texas truck insurance to protect you from catastrophic losses that can occur from an auto accident.

Why You Need Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance for Texas Residents and Businesses


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Auto, Truck and Car Insurance for Texas

States may have fault or no-fault insurance. This is determined by the legislature of the state you live in.
The rules vary based on the type of state you live in when it comes to auto insurance. Below are some general tips on what to look for when purchasing Texas auto, truck or car insurance.

Your Texas auto insurance rates are determined by your age, vehicle make, model, safety features, insurance rating for the vehicle in accidents, your driving record and the mileage you drive. There are other factors that may be considered but the above are the most often used.  Truck Insurance in Texas is determined in much the same way unless the truck (or car) is used for a business, shipping or hauling. Risk is assessed differently for these situations. 

There is a wide variety of Texas auto insurance coverage available for most drivers.  If you are considered a high risk driver your options may be limited or un-available. Each state may have some mandatory auto insurance coverage required and the agent will know what these are.

Why should you have Texas car insurance or Texas truck insurance?

If you are involved in an auto accident that is the fault of the other driver, your Texas auto insurance company can help you receive compensation for injury and damages.
If you are involved in an accident and it is your fault, your Texas auto insurance plan can protect you from lawsuits brought against you.

When inquiring about Texas auto insurance you may want to check on the credibility of the company.  One of the ways to do this is by going to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and finding out what the complaint ratio is for the companies your are considering. Their web site is If you would like to know how to find the insurance company complaint ratio please print out our instruction sheet on “How to find a complaint ratio”.

Auto Insurance Discounts
Some car and truck insurance companies offer discounts based on driving record, health insurance, driving distances, etc. Ask each Texas auto insurance company what discounts are available. The more innocuous a vehicle is the lower the insurance premium is likely to be. High profile vehicles, those with high horsepower, sport cars, luxury cars, etc. are likely to have higher premiums due to the greater likelihood of theft and replacement cost of parts.  Cars with added safety features such as side air bags, anti lock brakes and stability control may also allow you to receive a discount on your insurance.

Coverage when buying Auto Insurance in State

The first level of coverage is Liability. It is the level of liability coverage you have with your Texas car or truck insurance that protects you when you damage another persons property or cause bodily injury.  If you have a policy that covers 200/500/100 it means that you are covered for $200,000 of bodily or personal injury per person, $500,000 of bodily or personal injury total and 100,000 in property damage. If you consider an accident in which you are at fault, with five passengers in each vehicle the personal injury amount with your Texas auto insurance may be highly inadequate.

There is also Comprehensive coverage.  This is protection for incidents other than an actual accident.  This includes theft, natural disasters, vandalism, etc. Make sure you know and understand what items are covered under your Texas auto insurance plan.

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