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Long Term Care Insurance for Florida

At one time Florida Long Term Care (LTC) was considered insurance for Nursing home care.  It no longer is for Nursing home care only.  It is now considered a must for everyone as they grow older.  Not only will it cover expenses for skilled care in a Florida licensed LTC facility, it also will cover temporary stays, at home skilled care and payment to at home providers.
The definition of Florida Long Term Care Insurance may be considered this; “Long Term Care Insurance is a contract designed to pay for care that is necessary because of ones loss of ability either mentally, or physically or due to an accident or illness, or through the natural progression of growing old and frail that prevents one from functioning independently.”

More than anything Florida Long Term Care Insurance will protect the assets of the person needing it, the assets of their spouse and more importantly will ensure the care needed to make one’s later years comfortable.

The most critical aspects of a Florida LTC Insurance policy are;

  • Choosing the benefit period. How many years will the policy pay benefits.
  • When will the benefit payments start? The waiting period from the time care is needed to when payments start.
  • What are the benefit amounts? How much is paid for the various needs and what are the maximums?
  • Does the policy cover facility care, home care and community care?
  • Does the policy meet federal guidelines for favorable tax treatment?

Choosing benefit amounts for a Florida long term care insurance policy is very important. You should check with facilities in your area and find out what the daily cost is. You can then choose the benefit level to fit the cost in your area.

With all Florida Long Term Care insurance policies you should make sure there are provisions for inflation. If you purchase a policy with daily benefits of $150 to meet today’s cost, will it be enough if you require care 15 years from now?  Make sure there is inflation protection in your policy.

You should also make sure the Florida LTC insurance policy is Non-cancelable and renewable.  If you begin to use a policy because of a serious illness or injury, can it be renewed when you are able to function independently?  Will the policy renew each year with the same benefits?  If the company changes its plans you should be able to maintain the benefits you signed up for as long as you change the premiums.

Another important factor with Florida Long Term Care Insurance Companies is the history of rate increases for their LTC policies.  Ask for their history of rate increases and the length of time they have been in the LTC business. You do not want to sign with a company that regularly has large premium increases.  You should check the complaint ratio for the Florida LTC insurance policies for each company you are considering. You can do this by going to the NAIC website.  If you would like an instruction sheet to help you check the complaint ratio it is available by clicking here.

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